iGreet is the first company in the world that specializes in developing greeting cards with proprietary augmented reality technology and connects the digital and physical worlds by giving people a completely new way to express themselves and their feelings.

iGreet is a smooth blend of traditional product and one of today’s most disruptive technologies. This is what makes the app the perfect solution for everyone who is looking for a different way to share emotions and celebrate special days: for people who stick to traditions and for those who love technology innovations as well.



iGreet is a free iOS and Android app that enables people to scan and send augmented reality greeting cards. Customers can choose from a list of premade cards for various occasions and place an order with a print on demand drop shipping service. Then using the app the recipient can discover and enjoy the hidden digital content by scanning the cover of the physical card.


The idea of augmented reality greeting cards is previously seen, but iGreet manages to be one step ahead of the competition by building augmented reality technology in-house. That makes the company more flexible with the features it can develop and ready to tap into the market along with today’s technology and greeting card industry leaders.

If you are interested in reselling these Augmented Reality greeting cards or would like to have your own designs produced then please do contact us:

UK Representative: Jass Vilkhu : +447950 718849 - Email : [email protected]  Twitter: @jassv_

Vicho Dimitrov, CEO & Founder : +359 888 587 016 -  Email: [email protected] Twitter: @vichod