Display Advertising

A graphical advertisement that appears next to content on websites, instant messaging (IM) applications, emails & other digital format.

The graphical advertisements are referred to as banners and can include:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Animations
  • Video
  • Interactive content

Think of display advertising as similar to advertising in printed media like a magazine.  However, you can also target according to:

  • Demographic
  • Geographic location (to an extent)
  • Behavioural targeting

Depending on your analytics solution, you can track:

  • The number of people that have potentially seen the ad
  • The number of people that have clicked on the ad
  • The journey of the person to your site and once on your site
  • What they did on your site (if anything)
  • Conversion –> ROI

Why use Display Advertising?
Although it is a push marketing technique (people see your ads even if they don’t want to) Display advertising does bring about some valid reasons to use it:

  • Increase your online presence
  • Help reach your marketing goals
  • Help to increase brand awareness
  • Drive leads
  • Promote new products or seasonal offers/promotions
  • Increase reach and frequency