Email Marketing

Email marketing is the advertisement of a product, service, or brand through electronic mail

Email marketing can be used to improve the relationship between a business and its customers or to gain new customers

Why use Email marketing?

  • Low cost in comparison to some marketing methods
  • Sign-ups allow you to collect key information
  • Emails can be used to cross-promote other channels
  • Can build on email campaigns one on top of another

What are the disadvantages to Email marketing?

  • Competing for attention – our inboxes are already full
  • Who are you? Consumers will forget you if you’re not in contact regularly and will mark you as spam if you send too many emails
  • Third party email lists may be cost effective, but might not be ‘clean’
  • Building your database can take time
  • Building emails can be time-consuming

Are there any guidelines when using Email marketing?

  • Have clear privacy and data policies
  • Make it easy to sign-up…
  • …and unsubscribe
  • Respond – no “do not reply” email addresses
  • Double-opt in
  • Have a specific email domain
  • Segment and personalise
  • Test, test, test