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How to get FREE returns via PayPal

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How to get FREE returns via PayPal


With many stores you have to pay postage to return something, even if you then get a full refund. Yet right now there’s a way to beat this – if you pay via PayPal, then until the end of the year you can claim back the cost of up to four returns, for up to £15 of postage each time.

To be able to reclaim, you need to log in to PayPal and activate the ‘Return Shipping on Us’ offer (it’s free and activation’s immediate). After that, you can claim for items you buy via PayPal and return by 31 Dec 2016. PayPal says you can reclaim for overseas returns as well.

This sounds like a good deal, as a number of big-name brands, for example Next and eBay, wouldn’t normally cover returns postage if you pay direct rather than with Paypal. But bear in mind using PayPal scuppers your Section 75 protection for items over £100, and may also affect chargeback protection with debit cards.

How to reclaim postage

Only one refund is allowed per PayPal transaction ID – so if you bought several items in one go, you can only reclaim once. (Remember, in order to be able to reclaim you’ll need to have activated the offer before making the purchase.)

  • Step 1 – Post your item back. You’ll have to pay for this yourself and keep the receipt. In order to claim you must send back the item within the seller’s stated return period (this varies by retailer) – and you CAN’T claim if the postage is already being paid for by the retailer.
  • Step 2 – Submit your claim. You have to file a ‘refund request‘ to PayPal within 14 days of posting your item, and send proof you paid via PayPal (such as an email or screenshot) and your postage receipt.
  • Step 3 – Receive the refund. You’ll get an approval or rejection email within five working days of claiming – any refund is paid into your PayPal account. Email [email protected] if there are any problems.

Quick questions

  1. What if return postage costs more than £15?
    • PayPal will refund up to £15 but won’t give you any refund for the remainder.
  2. What if the retailer deducts the return postage from my refund? Can I still reclaim?
    • Yes, you just need to upload a copy of the payment email showing the initial price you paid, and a copy of the refund confirmation showing the amount given back to you. You get up to 28 days from posting your item to upload this proof and request a refund.
  3. Is there anything I can’t claim a refund for?
    • As long as you paid via PayPal, your account hasn’t been suspended or limited, you’re claiming for up to £15 postage and you returned a ‘tangible’ item within the seller’s returns window, PayPal says you’ll usually be able to claim.There are a few exclusions though, such as Groupon coupon purchases, money, travellers’ cheques, tickets and credit or debit cards. See the T&Cs for more.Paypal says it doesn’t matter where you’re sending the item back to – you can claim for returns to any country. If you’ve been told you can’t get a refund when you think you’re entitled to one, let us know in the Online Shopping forum thread.
  4. Can I get a refund for postal insurance too?
    • Yes – though the maximum you can reclaim even including the cost of insurance is still £15 each time.
  5. Does this mean all eBay sellers have to accept my returns?
    • No, you still need to check what the seller’s policy is. If they don’t accept returns this offer is no use to you.

The good news is that I am also participating in this. So if you’ve purchased any of my products using Paypal then you are entitled to a full refund providing you’ve returned the items back unopened.


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